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Revamping a classic requires great creative skills; all the more so if the original version has made history as an undisputed fashion icon and the “perfect” garment. 

The task becomes even more challenging when figures of the calibre of Mod Father Paul Weller and Punk Prophet Joe Strummer have worn it over the decades.

Baracuta’s G9, the legendary jacket designed by the Miller Brothers, is set for a reboot, and Engineered Garments is the only one up to the task. 

Founded in 1999 by Daiki Suzuki, Engineered Garments takes its name from a partner’s comment that the brand’s clothes are more engineered than designed.

Refractory to fleeting trends, focused on the smallest details that even the most attentive could overlook, and designed for everyday wear and a contemporary look: this is the new G9 and the G4, revisited by Engineered Garments for the next cold season. 

Staying true to the details that have made the G9 a Baracuta symbol, the new G9 features the original Archive fit and the Baracuta Cloth, the one and only canvas for the iconic jacket.  

The idea is to go back to the origins; a concept that is also visible in the details – such as in the size of the buttons and the small pocket flaps – clearly nodding to the very first version of the G9 to hit the market.

The revolution, however, is inside: the inner lining is no longer made from classic Fraser Tartan, Baracuta’s signature fabric that the Miller Brothers were given permission to use by Lord Lovat, the last descendant of the Fraser clan.

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